1% Alternate Assessment justification portal open through March 30, 2023

The Every Student Succeeds Act requires each district or community school to complete and submit a justification when it anticipates testing more than 1.0% of students with the Alternate Assessment for Students with the Most Significant Cognitive Disabilities. District leaders expecting to test more than 1.0% of students with the alternate assessment must complete and send the online justification form via the link emailed to the district’s superintendent.

To assist in the process, a PDF template of the justification form is available here. Note that the PDF template is only a tool to help prepare the justification. All justifications must be sent via the link sent to the superintendent.

The deadline for submission is March 30.

The Department will review all justifications. The Department must make publicly available all justifications upon request.

Direct questions to AAparticipation@education.ohio.gov.