Apply for the Everybody Belongs PBIS Kindness competitive grant program

The Choose Kindness Foundation is launching the Everybody Belongs PBIS Kindness Competitive Grant Program for School Systems. The purpose of the grant program is to develop and implement kindness programs and activities designed to increase kindness throughout a school system.

The project will fund four or more PBIS schools in each of 3 years. As each new cohort of PBIS schools implements PBIS Kindness, the schools from previous cohorts will maintain their Kindness programming and activities.

The Choose Kindness Foundation will provide the school system with up to $25,000 to be distributed to 4 or more schools (cohort 1) in year one of the program. An equal amount will be provided in years 2 and 3 to be distributed to 4 or more additional schools in each of those years. Subsequent years’ funding from the Foundation will be contingent upon the successful implementation of PBIS Kindness in year one schools.


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Complete grant applications will be received by the Foundation no later than January 30, 2022.

All questions should be directed to Dr. Jane Carter at