HS seniors hope for some normalcy

Reese Oberheim, Swanton High School Class of 2022, is a bit on edge about his senior year. COVID-19 stunted the full “senior” experience for the two graduating classes preceding his, and he doesn’t want to fall victim as well.

“I’m a little scared at the moment. I don’t want that same thing to happen to my class,” Reese said.

His is the third high school senior class across the nation to be affected by coronavirus since the virus emerged in March of 2019, and has now re-surged with a vengeance with the Delta variant, a much more contagious version. Consequently, the Fulton County school districts, recently released, in tandem with the Fulton County Health Department, the Fulton County Schools’ Common Opening Agreement, which basically retains most of the COVID restrictions instituted last school year.

The 17-year-old has mixed emotions about what that means for him and his classmates. They have endured closed campuses, home schooling, and canceled activities over the past two years, and now face a third year of restrictions that may lead to an altered graduation ceremony next May.

Reese said that’s a lot of sacrifice for students who simply wanted to enjoy their coveted high school years.

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