ODE Notice: Restraint & Seclusion Law Regarding Parent Notification

Clarifying information for districts about the PBIS/R&S rule, specifically the annual parent notification:

The rule states that districts must annually inform parents about the district’s policies and procedures regarding the implementation of PBIS and the use of restraint and seclusion, including the district’s complaint process. The Department has the “What Parents Need to Know” information sheet, but this does NOT meet the requirement of the rule.

The information sheet provides a general overview of the rule (state level), but the requirement is for districts to provide parents with the district (local level) policies and procedures.   I have been looking around at different district websites for examples regarding the annual parent notification and noticed several that only have the “What Parents Need to Know” sheet listed. To meet the requirements of the rule, they would need to add their district policy and procedures.

posted November 4, 2021