Student garden comes to life at Fort Meigs Elementary

As Fort Meigs Elementary School students worked hard Tuesday to enjoy their outdoor freedom during recess, their cries of joy were drowned out by the blaring sounds of hammering, sawing, and sanding that could be heard intermittently throughout the morning in front of the school.

Colorful chalk drawings of circles, hearts, and rainbows decorated the sidewalk where students would come to and from recess at the school entrance while just to the side were bags of soil, pack-and-play chips, colorful flowers, and various building tools.

The commotion was too new for the children, who peeked over whenever possible to see what all the noise was about. Many of their eyes lit up with excitement at the new development — at times waving at the workers — as the framing and fencing were erected on what will become the school’s new student garden.


For now, the area resembles more of a small construction site, but Fort Meigs intervention tutor Chris Rollins, who will be helping to lead the school’s garden projects, said the area will soon be a learning hub where budding horticulturists will plant and care for various vegetables and flowers, create butterfly houses and study their lifecycles, and train to gauge rainfall and wind direction using a weather station.

Such a contraption might have been useful Tuesday, as Home Depot volunteers quickly worked to finish what they could while threatening dark clouds likewise moved in. With rain expected Wednesday and Thursday, Christopher Miller, a Home Depot operations manager overseeing the garden project, said plans are to finish the garden no later than Friday.


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