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Dyslexia Supports in Ohio

What is dyslexia?

Ohio law defines dyslexia as a specific learning disorder that is neurological in origin. Dyslexia is characterized by unexpected difficulties with accurate or fluent word recognition and poor spelling and decoding abilities not consistent with the person’s intelligence, motivation and sensory capabilities. Difficulties typically result from a deficit in the phonological component of language.

On September 22, 2023 a new set of laws Ohio’s dyslexia support laws (ORC 3323.251) strengthening dyslexia supports for Ohio’s children went into effect. The dyslexia support laws apply to each local, city and exempted village school district in Ohio. The new dyslexia support laws establish:

More information and updates will be posted on the Ohio dyslexia supports webpage.

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Our consultants offer support to educators, families, and community partners to improve literacy outcomes for all learners through technical assistance, coaching, networking opportunities, and professional development.

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Guiding Documents, Policies & Compliance

Guiding Documents

As a part of the Statewide System of Support, State Support Teams work closely with the Ohio Department of Education to provide training, resources, and technical assistance to schools and districts as they strive to ensure that each child has access to a high-quality education. The documents, policies, and laws shared here provide the foundation to this work.

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