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Dyslexia Supports in Ohio

In April 2021, a new set of laws designed to strengthen dyslexia supports for Ohio students went into effect that establish:

  • dyslexia screening measures
  • PD for identifying dyslexia and teaching students with dyslexia
  • a literacy certification process for teachers
  • the Ohio Dyslexia Committee

HB436 also establishes a timeline for implementing this new legislation. 


May 12, 2021 ODE established the Ohio Dyslexia Committee.
By no later than
December 31, 2021
The Ohio Dyslexia Committee develops a Dyslexia Guidebook for screening, intervention, and remediation.

Beginning school year:

2022 – 2023 Tier I dyslexia screening to take place for all kindergarten students after the first day in January
All K – 3 students receive Tier I Universal Dyslexia Screening
Students in grades 4 -6 are screened, upon request, ensuring parent consent
Tier II dyslexia screening for each at-risk student not making significant progress in reading and writing by the 6th week after identification.
Districts establish a multi-sensory literacy certification process for teachers.
2023 – 2024 K – 1 teachers, including special education complete required number of instructional hours in approved special education course aligned to the Dyslexia Guidebook.
2024 – 2025 Grades 2 – 3 teachers, including special education complete required number of instructional hours in approved special education course aligned to the Dyslexia Guidebook.
2025 – 2026 Grades 4 – 12 teachers, including special education complete required number of instructional hours in approved special education course aligned to the Dyslexia Guidebook.
See the full text of House Bill 436

We anticipate more information, including a Dyslexia Guidebook from the Ohio Dyslexia Committee to be released in the coming months. Please check back for updates, as they will be posted here as they become available.

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Guiding Documents, Policies & Compliance

Guiding Documents

As a part of the Statewide System of Support, State Support Teams work closely with the Ohio Department of Education to provide training, resources, and technical assistance to schools and districts as they strive to ensure that each child has access to a high-quality education. The documents, policies, and laws shared here provide the foundation to this work.

ODE Notice: Dyslexia Law and the Use of IDEA Funds
The Office for Exceptional Children has received some inquiries regarding whether IDEA Part B funds, including the American Rescue Plan IDEA funds, may be used to fund the professional development and screening requirements that school districts must meet under the recently implemented Dyslexia Support laws.

It has not been determined or approved that district-wide professional development opportunities are allowable costs under IDEA Part B. Further clarification on the professional development requirements from the Ohio Dyslexia Committee will establish whether these professional development activities may be allowable under IDEA Part B. Universal screenings for all students are not allowable as the universal screenings are not a special education cost but rather a district-wide expenditure.

Because the Dyslexia guidebook is still being developed, the office recommends that districts do not plan to use IDEA Part B funds or American Rescue Plan IDEA funds for the dyslexia professional development and screening requirements until notified by the Office for Exceptional Children of that allowable cost.

If you have questions about this message, please reach out to your IDEA Consultant or contact Sarah James at sarah.james@education.ohio.gov.

posted November 4, 2021

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