An Introduction to the Integrated Comprehensive Systems for Equity Framework & Process

September 28, 2021 @ 9:00 am – 11:30 am
State Support Team Region 1

The Co-Founders of ICS Equity, Dr. Elise Frattura and Dr. Colleen Capper, will provide an overview of the Integrated Comprehensive Systems for Equity Four Cornerstones Framework and Process. All Four Cornerstones and ICS Equity Steps are implemented in a context of community engagement and development.

What is ICS Equity?

ICS Equity provides a Four Cornerstone Framework and Process to eliminate inequities in K-12 schools and post-secondary institutions, based on implementation science. We will tie ICS Equity with your District’s mission, vision, and current work to ensure that ICS Equity is not viewed as another initiative but provides a framework and process as a means to center equity as the core of the District’s work.

Key Features of ICS Equity include:

  1. Research based on over 45 years of equity research.
  2. Rather than piecemeal equity approaches, ICS Equity provides a Framework and Process to shift from a deficit to proactive education system for all students.
  3. ICS Equity advances the learning of literally all students in the District. Students currently succeeding in the District not only will continue to succeed but will make additional achievement and social gains. ICS Equity also addresses racial inequities and the entire range of inequities across ethnicity, social class, ability, gender, sexual/gender identity, and their intersections.
  4. ICS Equity includes a built-in accountability system via the Equity Audit that measures school/district equity progress and serves as a continual improvement feedback loop to the ICS Equity work.
  5. ICS Equity implementation depends on developing the “collaborative equity capacity” of all staff via a local, bottom-up/team approach with the District Leadership Team and School Leadership Teams leading the work in the District and schools and the creating of Co-Plan to Co-Serve to Co-Learn (C3) teams at each grade level.
  6. ICS Equity reallocates existing resources. No new resources are needed, and all current staff are needed to advance the work.
  7. ICS Equity provides ongoing support via the Digital Modules and at least three years of ICS Equity coaching for the School Leadership Teams and the District Leadership Team.

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Event Host

State Support Team Region 1

Presenters: Dr. Elise Frattura and Dr. Colleen Capper

Who Should Attend?

  • A district team, comprised of: the district superintendent, curriculum director, special education director/supervisors, and Priority and Focus School building principals


Tuesday, September 28 9:00 – 11:30 a.m. This event has ended.


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