Literacy Leaders Network

September 28, 2023 @ 9:00 am – 11:00 am
State Support Team Region 1

Audience – District, Building and Community School Leaders, Curriculum Directors, Principals, Lead Teachers

Facilitator – Debbie Nagel, Consultant, State Support Team Region 1

Contact Hours – 2 per session

The Literacy Leaders Network is a collaborative network where district leaders work alongside State Support Team 1 to:

  • Discuss timely literacy topics.
  • Continue the development and sustainability of an evidence-based tier 1 approach to teaching reading.
  • Develop or update literacy improvement goals, strategies and action steps that include requirements as outlined in Ohio’s Dyslexia legislation.
  • Identifying and implementing screening measures consistent with Ohio’s Dyslexia guidebook recommendations.
  • Establishing a structured literacy certification process that is aligned to Ohio’s Dyslexia guidebook recommendations.
  • Continue the development and sustainability of an MTSS process in structured literacy.
  • Continue the development and sustainability processes that ensure appropriate access to core curriculum for ALL students with an emphasis on students who struggle or have a learning disability.

Participants will receive the zoom link to each meeting prior to the session. Registering below, registers you for all 4 dates of the Network.

The kickoff session on September 28, 2023, will be on Impactful Leadership: What it is – Why it’s Important – What Does it Look Like?

Carolyn Turner, Ohio’s Literacy Lead will be one of the guest speakers and will share her Top Ten List for MTSS in Literacy. Trevor Thomas, Superintendent and Kelly Holbrook Assistant Superintendent of Heath City Schools will also be guest speakers and will share an overview of how their systematic literacy improvement efforts brought real change to Heath City School District.  Download kickoff flyer.

If you have questions on the content of these meetings contact Debbie Nagel. For registration questions, contact Jill Barnhisel.

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