New attendance resource available

As schools begin this fall, educators across Ohio are rightly concerned about student attendance and engagement. From 2020-2021 to 2021-2022, the statewide rate of students missing at least 10% of their instructional time due to absences increased by six percentage points to 30.2%. Chronic absenteeism has risen across nearly all grade levels, district types and student subgroups

To address these concerns, the Ohio Department of Education has developed a new resource. Keeping Ohio Students Present, Engaged and Supported offers multitiered interventions that schools and districts can implement to address and prevent chronic absenteeism. The guidance addresses four key areas: taking a team approach, positive conditions for learning, using a multitiered approach and working with partners.

For more information about supporting student attendance, visit the Department’s Attendance Support webpage.

Please direct questions to the Office of Whole Child Supports at or (614) 387-2202.