2024-2025 List of State-Approved Assessments Released

The Department has completed its review of vendor proposals submitted in response to the Department’s Request for Qualifications for third party assessments. Below is the 2024-2025 Approved List of Assessments in the following areas:

  • Comparable Assessments to Ohio’s K-3 Diagnostic Assessment for the Third Grade Reading Guarantee (K-3 Diagnostic)
  • Tier 1 Dyslexia Screening Measure (Dyslexia Screener)
  • Alternative Standardized Assessment for the Third Grade Reading Guarantee (Alt Reading)
  • Alternative Standardized Assessment for Grades 3-8 (Alt 3-8) for Chartered Nonpublic Schools
  • Alternative High School Assessments for Graduation (Alt HS) for Chartered Nonpublic Schools
  • High-Quality Student Data (HQSD)
  • Gifted Prescreening and Identification (Gifted Assessment)

Inclusion on this list occurs through a noncompetitive procurement process. All vendor proposals that met minimum criteria for their assessment area(s) are listed with the assessment areas for which they were approved. These can be administered by districts and schools in the 2024-2025 school year.

Download the 2024-2025 List of Approved Assessments

Approved Assessments List FAQ