Surrogate Parent Training – New Modules and Certification

Surrogate Parents Needed
Are you looking for a way to give back to your community? Have you considered serving as a surrogate parent for a school district? You may be wondering, what is a surrogate parent?
Surrogate parents represent a student with disabilities in all matters relating to the identification, evaluation, educational placement and provision of a free appropriate public education (FAPE) when their parents are not able to do so. As a surrogate parent, you will:
  • become acquainted with the child and their needs
  • review education records
  • attend evaluation team and IEP team meetings
  • make informed decisions about the education of the child
The superintendent of a student’s district of residence or a court appoints surrogate parents in accordance with the Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act and Operating Standards for Students with Disabilities.
The Ohio Department of Education released new training modules and certification through its Surrogate Parent Training Program. Each module will include:
  • Video presentation explaining key concepts and resources
  • Method of applying the information learned
  • Content and resources from external sources
  • Reflection opportunities
  • Quiz to assess learning and knowledge of content
For more information on surrogate parenting check out this short presentation on InspirED: Surrogate Parent OCALI | Surrogate Parent for a Child with a Disability.

If you decide to serve, please complete the training at

More Information
If you have questions about becoming a Surrogate Parent, you may email Jill Barnhisel
You can also email Karen Johnson or Chrissy Cline from the Department.